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Breakdown of Solutions

Data Security (DLP)

Data-Loss-PreventionData is your most valuable asset. Your business runs on information, much of it confidential. Balancing security and usability is one tough job. At the very least, you have to:

  • Secure your data in all the ways it gets shared: in apps, on websites, and via email.
  • Allow access to data for business use while protecting it from misuse.
  • Meet regulations set by numerous entities, or face fines for noncompliance

Web Security

Web SecurityTargeted attacks and data theft are changing web security.

Blocking threats is no longer enough. You need to know who in your organization is being targeted. How attacks infect your systems. Where command-and-control malware is calling home. And what data your attackers are going after. Advanced threat dashboards, forensic reporting and data capture, sandbox analysis of malware.

The static web is history. Modern threats are dynamic. Dynamically delivered lures, dynamic downloads and dynamic call-home traffic are the rule. Attacks get more sophisticated each month. And malware adoption life cycles speed up innovation even more. Just look at the under-the-radar attacks that target specific individuals.

Anti-virus and web filtering aren't enough. Modern malware demands modern web security. You need inline real-time defenses. And point-of-click URL analysis, especially for SSL and private social networking pages.

Email Security

e-mail securityEmail is a security-attack pipeline into your company. Email carries essential messages for the everyday workings of your business. But it's also a major conduit for security threats that blend web, email, and data attack strategies.

  • Nearly 90% of unwanted emails contain web links to spam or malicious websites
  • Only 1 of every 4 anti-virus products catch blended web and email attack campaigns
  • Cybercriminals use news, shopping, and other hot topics to disguise spam-carrying emails so well that even savvy recipients can't resist clicking


Unified content security is essential for email protection. Companies that don't have unified content solutions that include web, email, and data are sitting targets for costly security attacks.

Email is a data-loss pipeline out of your company. One of the top challenges your company faces is loss of confidential data such as client names, employee SSNs, database passwords, and more. If you don't have tight outbound protection, you can be sure that you're losing data right now, due to:

  • Accidental misuse of data by employees
  • Email links to unprotected databases
  • Nonmalicious but damaging actions such as documenting passwords in email messages or attachments


Leak-free outbound email security is essential for DLP. You must have email security that's tightly integrated into your data loss prevention (DLP) technology. If you don't, you're losing data, inviting crime, risking compliance violations, and jeopardizing your reputation.

Mobile Security

mobile-securityTablets and smartphones mix work and play. There are apps for work and apps for play, and your staff downloads them all to their iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Employees tap their way through meetings, skipping from Salesforce to Facebook to email. Along the way, they may slip up and send sensitive data to the wrong place.

When your data goes mobile, your risk goes up. Today's most serious security threats blend email and Web attacks to snag sensitive data. When you add mobile devices with cloud-based apps and free access to social sites, security risks skyrocket.

  • Unified content analysis that integrates Web, email, and data security to stop advanced, targeted, and blended attacks.
  • Enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP) that guards both incoming and outgoing communications against data theft.
  • Simplified, single-console management and flexible deployment options via appliance, cloud, or hybrid.


Start with mobile DLP for email. Websense offers enterprise-class DLP for corporate email on mobile devices that are compatible with ActiveSync — including iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered devices. This provides compliance and data-loss controls for corporate email accessed on personal and corporate mobile devices, whether over mobile wireless networks or Wi-Fi.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Insider Threat Security Intelligence provides visibility to potential threats from within by correlating users with their roles and network activity. Your ability to detect abuses and anomalies in the behavior of high-risk, high-profile, or high-privilege users will help to reduce insider threat and espionage risk.
Insider Threat Security Intelligence advantages:

  • Identify and eliminate threats before they are exploited
  • Minimize the impact of adverse events that do occur
  • Achieve situational awareness of current threats
  • Automate manual reporting processes
  • Expedite remediation and incident response times
  • Continually measure the effectiveness of security processes
  • Automate the monitoring and enforcement of security controls
  • Fully integrate people, process, and technology into the life cycle of security events



Universal Log Management is a customized global service that establishes the foundation for collecting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of data generated by today's advanced networks.

Strategic Advantages

A Universal Log Management strategy spans security and IT operations to provide security intelligence that allows your company to monitor, measure, and manage risk and compliance for critical business processes. Once implemented, you're able to quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Expedite IT investigations and security incident response times
  • Eliminate manual compliance and security reporting
  • Satisfy regulatory and organizational log retention requirements with greater efficiency


The resulting unified view of security, as part of your full IT lifecycle, also enables you to make more informed business decisions. Security Intelligence for Managing Your Business

Your business is continually tasked with managing risk and compliance, while demonstrating the value of your security investments. Universal Log Management bridges traditional security controls with IT management systems to support business processes that span hybrid IT environments. The result is a lower total cost of ownership, increased process efficiencies, and manageable risk. Establishing the Right Skills


Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security products

  1. Full Disk Encryption

Automatically encrypts all information on the hard drive—including user data, the operating system, temporary files and erased files, for maximum data protection. Logical partitions are boot-protected and encrypted sector-by-sector. Attempts to copy individual files or to introduce rogue programs are blocked, even when the hard drive is removed and slaved to a different computer.

  1. Media Encryption

The centralized endpoint security manager allows administrators to set and enforce encryption policy for removable media and devices using algorithms such as AES 256-bit, for maximum data protection. Unique to Check Point, users can securely access encrypted media from unmanaged computers, with no client installation.

  1. Firewall & Compliance Check

The Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to securely control access to clients, servers and applications. With detailed visibility into the users, groups, applications, machines and connection types, the Check Point Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to provide superior protection across the entire security gateway.

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